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Multilingual video, multimedia & e-learning

Videos and e-learning localization

Localize and adapt your videos and e-learning for maximum impact with local audiences


Benefits   Localize videos and e-learning to any language and culture

Industry experts
Unmatched expertise in all healthcare domains and local cultures
cost efficient
Cost efficiency
Industry-specific technology & workflows built for efficiencies
Integrated language technology for faster rollout and turnarounds

Our solution   Improve the reach of your videos

Linguamatics developed video localization solutions to make sure all your video content types increase engagement and improve the overall user experience with multilingual audiences.

Whether they are promotional or educational, your videos will meet their audience with the right level of adaptation.  

Some of our services include: 

  • Subtitling: adding text to the bottom of the screen that translates the dialogue into another language. There are different types of subtitles, such as open captions and closed captions. 
  • Dubbing and voice-overs: replacing the original audio with a new recording in another language. This is often used for movies and TV shows. 
  • Reversioning video: editing the video to make it more relevant to a new audience. For example, changing the music or adding new footage. 
  • Transcreating video: creating new content that is specifically tailored to a specific local target audience. This can include adapting some parts of the script, visuals, and other elements of the video. 
Video localization

Our solution   Boost e-learning engagement and performance

Localization is essential for e-learning in the healthcare industry, where accuracy, clarity, and relevance are crucial for delivering effective training and education.
It will also help to comply with local regulations, and enhance the quality and consistency of your courses.

Linguamatics provides a healthcare e-learning-specific solution set to allow any of your module types to be adapted linguistically and culturally to your target audience anywhere in the world. 

Our solution includes: 

  • Translation of all content and delivery of target language content in format 
  • Adaptation of all norms to target audience (metrics vs imperial, etc.) 
  • Adjustment of design and references for cultural fit 
e-learning localization

Technology   Integrated technology for easy management and faster rollout

Linguamatics hub centralizes all relevant language technology for efficient e-learning and video localization, and integrates directly into your ecosystem, so you can access localization in any language at the push of a button. 


Translation management system

Insights   Why should e-learning always be localized?

E-learning requires high engagement in order to be successful. Beyond the language barrier, culture also has an impact on the way people learn.  

On top of being translated professionally, the material should also be adapted to the different cultural norms, values, and beliefs.  

By doing so, you create a more engaging and effective learning experience for your users.  

For example, you may need to adjust the tone of your content, the pictures, cultural references that are more relevant to the target culture, and indeed all the normed elements. 

multilingual e learning