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Linguamatics hub

Handle all translations 
from a single portal

Linguamatics hub – Healthcare and life sciences translation management


Benefits   Simplify your translation management

data safe
Data safety
Secured and compliant workflows and integration designed for healthcare and life science documents
cost reduction
No hidden fees, and translation memory leverage across the enterprise
Pre-built model for easy rollout and machine translation for quicker turnaround

Our solution   Translation management designed for healthcare and life science specifically

Linguamatics hub was created solely for healthcare and life science, so time- and content-sensitive documentations can be handled the right way
  • Centralize all translation requests: translate and localize any healthcare document, with adequate workflows: from clinical or technical documentation to patient-facing or marketing material, or any other corporate content type such as Legal, HR or Financial reports. 
  • Dedicated solutions for each team: each team onboarded on Linguamatics hub has access to all relevant language solutions for their scope of work 
  • Custom reporting and project monitoring: keep track of each project submitted  
  • Quality and information security: multi-step quality assurance and continuous improvement methods, and highest level of security compliance 
Translation management system

Security   Certified information security and privacy

Linguamatics has handled some of the most sensitive content types, from clinical trials to safety and pharmacovigilance. All our systems and procedures are built for the highest compliance and data safety. 

We are ISO certified: 

  • ISO 9001: Quality Management Systems  
  • ISO 17100: Translation services 
Translation management system

Integration   From any part of your organization

Linguamatics hub has been designed with integration in mind, to handle content from healthcare and life science organizations, wherever it comes from. 

By automating workflows and synchronizing data across multiple systems, Linguamatics hub optimizes the translation process, reduces manual errors, and ensures data integrity and confidentiality.  

It streamlines and speeds up translation operations, reduces cost, improves collaboration, and ultimately contributes to the delivery of high-quality multilingual content in our critical field. 


Translation management system

Insights   Five benefits of a Translation Management System (TMS)

Implementing a translation management system (TMS) brings numerous benefits to global healthcare and life science organizations, here are five we consider key for healthcare and life sciences companies:
  1. It enhances speed and cost-efficiency by automating translation workflows, reducing manual efforts, and accelerating the translation process.  
  2. It ensures accuracy and consistency in translated content, maintaining the integrity of critical healthcare documents across multiple languages.  
  3. It improves collaboration and communication among global teams, enabling better exchange of information and facilitating multilingual project management.  
  4. It helps comply with regulatory requirements by providing robust translation quality control and validation processes.  
  5. It ensures data security and confidentiality through secure handling of sensitive healthcare information, which otherwise can circulate to vendors and linguists unprotected.  

Overall, implementing a TMS empowers global healthcare and life science organizations to deliver high-quality, localized content, improve patient care and centricity, and expand their reach in international markets.