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Specialized translation & localization

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Translation and localization solutions for healthcare and life sciences


benefits   Faster, easier and more efficient

Industry experts
Industry experts
Solutions built by and for healthcare and life science experts
Cost efficiency
Cost efficiency
Industry-specific workflows built for efficiencies
Secured and compliant Integrated technology for faster rollout and turnarounds

Our solutions   Technology-enabled expert translation for healthcare and life sciences

Linguamatics translation solutions were created solely for healthcare and life sciences, so time- and content-sensitive documentations can be handled the right way:.
  • Language services with expert linguists: we translate and localize any healthcare document, with adequate workflows: from clinical or technical documentation to patient-facing or marketing material, or any other corporate content type such as Legal, HR or financial reports. 
  • Document layout & formatting: in-house desktop publishing and design team to format all output documents in target language 
  • Quality assurance & management: multi-step quality assurance and continuous improvement methods 
  • All-in-one translation management system: centralized user-friendly portal to seamlessly solve any language problem, monitor projects and costs 
  • Terminology management: accurate translations and control of guidelines and style guides 
  • Integration capabilities: all workflows can be fully integrated into any content ecosystem across the enterprise 
  • Machine Translation: Linguamatics Translate allows for certain content types to benefit from massive cost and time efficiencies while ensuring quality 

Services   Expertise for high quality & security

Our model, built with industry-specific terminology management, healthcare and life sciences data-trained AI engines, as well as highly qualified professional linguists, ensures that your documentation is in the best possible hands. 

Our teams have experience working in many sectors of our industry, including clinical operations, real world and commercialization, and will provide you with a unique insight into how to best implement and leverage translation and localization programs.

Linguamatics has also handled some of the most sensitive content types, from clinical trials to safety and pharmacovigilance. All our systems and procedures are built for the highest compliance and data safety. 

We are ISO certified: 

  • ISO 9001 Quality Management Systems  
  • ISO 17100 Translation services 
translation iso certification

Technology   Language technology developed for our industry’s benefit

Linguamatics’ vision is that agnostic language technology is not suitable for the unique challenges we are faced with when it comes to digital transformation, speed, evolving regulatory framework and globalization. 

Our technology is designed solely for specific healthcare and life science applications. All our solutions integrate through all your content ecosystems, and can be used securely and seamlessly by anyone in your organization. 

Language technology

Linguamatics translate

Translate is our instant translation technology, leveraging best-in-class neuro machine translation engines including ours, trained for industry-specific content, as well as proprietary AI technology built for data routing and protection.  


secure machine translation

Linguamatics hub

Hub allows for secured, scalable and fast management of highly sensitive data, from clinical trials to regulatory submission or product launch. Workflows are pre-established and easy to implement, which provides speed and efficiencies for all types of documents. 


Translation management system

Insights   Why should you choose an industry-centric provider for your translations?

Healthcare and life science companies deal with complex and sensitive information that requires high accuracy and confidentiality.  

Working with a language service provider that only works for this specific industry can ensure that the translation, localization and interpretation services are tailored to the needs and standards of the sector.  

A healthcare and life science pure player in language service offers core document expertise, quality assurance and compliance with the relevant regulations and best practices.  

By working with a language service provider that only works for healthcare and life science companies, you will benefit from the latest insights and best practices, ultimately resulting in faster, more reliable and more cost-effective language solutions. 

Translation for life sciences