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Our healthcare natural language processing wins “Best AI-Based Solution for Healthcare” in 2023 AI Breakthrough Awards

IQVIA AI Breakthrough Award

Supporting clinicians and social workers to identify patient-specific social determinants of health to bring targeted intervention to patients in need.   

In the recent AI Breakthrough awards, our healthcare natural language processing AI technology was recognized as the winner of Best AI-based solution for healthcare for its ability to analyze complex unstructured patient record data to provide unique insights into patient care and disease states. 

With over 20 years’ experience in NLP, our software unlocks critical insights for population health including social determinants of health (SDOH) - which encompass socioeconomic, behavioral, and environmental factors that contribute significantly to most health outcomes. 

As part of the award nomination, we highlighted a use case where the AI technology is deployed to help clinicians identify and screen 56% more at-risk patients based on SDOH. This enabled targeted intervention by social workers to patients in need.  

The award highlighted the flexibility, accuracy and transparency of our NLP. The technology encompasses both rules-based and machine-learning approaches in an “open box” solution, allowing users to fully understand the results they’ve been shown. This is incredibly important in establishing clinician buy-in and building trust in the software.  

SDOH data capture is mandated for increasing quality reporting programs (by both CMS and the NCQA), and is being incorporated in value-based care programs, such as ACOREACH. This means that understanding social determinants of health and overall population health has real significance for healthcare organizations in 2023 and beyond. 

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