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Reducing cost of clinical translations

Leading pharma company reduces cost of clinical translations by 25%

Linguamatics reduces the cost of clinical translations with deep integration, meaningful language technology and unmatched clinical translations expertise

The problem   Non-optimized translation model

Our client, a top 10 global pharmaceutical company, was seeking optimization in the management of its global clinical trial.

Their model included translation vendor was working with them and in coordination with the Clinical Research Organization (CRO) contracted for their clinical trials. The translation vendor was working in silo, requiring involvement from both the Pharma company and the CRO on a regular basis.

After a quick audit of the situation, Linguamatics experts were able to pinpoint some aspects to help optimize the operation:

  • The involvement of the pharmaceutical teams in the translation process was too important, and possibly a misallocation of time resulting in lack of optimization

  • The lack of integration between the CRO and the translation vendor resulted in quality concern and efficiencies in speed and cost management

  • The overall management was under leveraging language technology and other important synergies to optimize cost reduction for the pharma company

The solution   Integrated CRO + Translation model

Linguamatics model focuses on operational efficiencies based on our unique experience and understanding of clinical trials. Our leadership team has run clinical trials across continents and languages for decade prior to designing language solutions that help solve the problem faster, simpler and more cost-efficiently.

Our team leveraged our partnership with the leading CRO which was running the trials for our client and set up an innovative and future-proof clinical translation model: 

  • Deep integration of systems, teams and processes within the clinical management at CRO level
  • Integration of KPIs and review cycle within the CRO framework
  • Implementation of language technology built for clinical trial (linguamatics hub and linguamatics translate)

Results   Improvement of all KPIs

  • Rising quality: thanks to Linguamatics' unique clinical focus and experience on both linguists and terminology management, as well as with linguamatics translate's proprietary engine solely trained on clinical data
  • Cost reduction: with implementation of adequate language technology, volume and management efficiencies resulting in a cost reduction of 25% on year one, over multi million dollars spent by our client on clinical translations
  • Simplified management: all KPIs and reviews are now integrated in the CRO's usual reviews, simplifying its control and review for our client which can free up time and ressources to more essential tasks