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Linguamatics Text Mining Summit and I2E Healthcare Hackathon 2015

1 Goat Island, Rhode Island, Newport, RI 02840, United States
Text Mining Summit 2015

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Featured customer use cases in the life sciences and healthcare, hands-on training, and new I2E Healthcare Hackathon.

Dates: Monday October 12 – Wednesday October 14, 2015
Venue: Hyatt Regency Newport, 1 Goat Island, Newport, RI, USA, 02840

Check out the Agenda, Speaker Profiles and Presentation Abstracts.


Confirmed 2015 speakers included:

  • Uma Mudunuri, National Cancer Institute
    Assessing I2E’s applicability for Cancer Research
  • Eric Su, Lilly
    Extracting Summary Statistics from Clinical Trial Databases
  • Jon Hill, Boehringer Ingelheim
    Read Alert – Using I2E for automated and centralized alerting of new targets
  • Wendy Cornell, Retired, Merck
    Extracting conclusions and interpretations from internal preclinical safety reports using I2E
  • Richard Linchangco, University of North Carolina at Charlotte
    Let Food Be Thy Medicine: Investigating the Effects of Phytochemicals on Human Health
  • Jason Evans and Steve Aviv, Pentavere
    Structuring data using I2E for Real World Health Insights
  • Jonathan Hartmann, Georgetown University Medical Center
    Extracting and applying information from full text scientific articles for patient care


  • Samir Courdy, Huntsman Cancer Institute, University of Utah
    Extracting data from Physicians notes and Surgical Path Reports using I2E
  • Julia Heinrich, Bristol-Myers Squibb
    Leveraging I2E software for text mining patents on antibody-drug conjugates
  • Madhusudan Natarajan, Shire Pharmaceuticals
    A systematic examination of gene-disease associations through text-mining approaches
  • Matthew Crawford, Pfizer
    Full-text Patent Mining: Can it beat manually curated database subscriptions?
  • Copyright Clearance Center
    Easy access to full text articles for text mining: a new service, a new era

The Summit included:

  • Customer presentations featuring best practice, case studies and insights on practical approaches to text mining and knowledge discovery
  • Presentations covering what's new in I2E, looking ahead at developments in the pipeline and future directions for text mining and knowledge discovery
  • Roundtable Discussions covering important topics and challenges in the field of text mining and knowledge discovery
  • Opportunities to network with peers and with Linguamatics experts
  • Hands-on workshops, giving new and experienced users the opportunity to explore the full capabilities of I2E, and discuss best practice in consultation with Linguamatics experts
  • Healthcare track to discuss best practice and use of NLP in healthcare
  • Evening social events
  • Partner presentations and exhibits

5 Reasons delegates attend the TMS:

1. Gain first-hand knowledge and experience on how structured and unstructured content can be mined to
uncover valuable information

2. Gain hands-on experience of NLP text mining through workshops and training

3. Understand the challenges other pharmaceutical and healthcare professionals are facing and explore
solutions to these challenges

4. Gain a better understanding of NLP text mining and where it can fit into your organization

5. Network and exchange ideas with peers and text mining experts

I2E Healthcare Hackathon

This year we are introducing the first-ever I2E Healthcare Hackathon for I2E users who are mining clinical and EHR data.

One of the most common challenges in extracting information from medical transcripts is making sense of the context within which a disease term, for example, occurs. Does a reference to diabetes refer to a current diagnosis, a family history or a hypothesis that was discounted? These are challenges that I2E is frequently used to handle and an area that Linguamatics customers are always keen to know more about.

The I2E Healthcare Hackathon will address these challenges and requires participants to extract and classify disease terms, plus medications and dosages if time allows. An unannotated set of medical transcripts will be provided to participants to evaluate and build queries against. This set will have been pre-indexed with appropriate disease and medication ontologies, plus any I2E macros and region detection preprocessing that the data set requires.

A small set of example medical transcripts and annotations will be provided to participants to demonstrate how results should appear. An annotated test data set will be used to assess each team’s efforts and with the results being submitted at the end of the day.

Participants will be split into two teams, each with a Linguamatics coach to provide guidance and assistance on best practice.

Hands-on Training Workshops

The Text Mining Summit includes hands-on training opportunities across all experience levels. Check out the 12 workshops offered this year.

Roundtable Discussions

This year we have an exciting range of Roundtable Discussion topics covering real world data, patents, patient information and more. Roundtable topic descriptions.

Past comments

“One of the best summits and training sessions I have ever attended. The pioneering NLP efforts, and users responsiveness is unmatched by any other text mining (NLP) vendor. The Linguamatics approach & I2E system is relatively intuitive, easy to manage, powerful and useful.”

"Both workshops were very useful. I enjoyed the interactive format"

"This is such a great meeting, it's so good to hear from other people all the different ways in which they're using I2E"

“I have been going to conferences for 15 years and this one is the best one”

"Congrats on a great user meeting - the talks were quite excellent."

"Extremely useful conference."

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