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Healthcare interpreting solutions

18th Dec 2023

Healthcare interpreting solutions

Making sure a patient understands what is happening to them when managing their condition is so important to helping them feel safe and cared for. 

With more than 30,000 professionally trained interpreters globally and access to an international network of interpretation equipment suppliers, Linguamatics can provide interpretation solutions for your needs at any time of the day.

Why are interpreting solutions so important to our industry?

For quality of care

Patients unfamiliar with the language spoken by their HCP feel tense and uncomfortable.

Cost of care optimization

Patients without interpreting access may require more visits with HCPs, increasing the cost of patient care.


Such patients may delay getting medical advice until an emergency, as they fear being unable to communicate clearly with their HCP.


If care is not given in line with equality, human rights and regulatory frameworks, the risk of litigation may be increased.

our solution   Our interpreting capabilities

Simultaneous interpreting (Available on-site or as a remote service)

Instantaneous, simultaneous interpreting allows participants to speak naturally without pausing. An interpreter translates the conversation in real time, relaying the speaker’s message to the listener as it is being spoken. This type of interpreting is ideal for investigator meetings.

Consecutive interpreting (Available on-site or remotely via phone or video)

In consecutive interpreting, the interpreter listens to short segments of speech, making notes if necessary. The speaker pauses after a few sentences for the interpreter to relay the message to the listener. This type of interpreting is recommended for one-on-one situations or small group discussions, such as medical consultations.

Over the phone (Available remotely via phone or video)

Over-the-phone interpreting (OPI) connects participants through a phone call, while video remote interpreting (VRI) connects them through live video. Both OPI and VRI can be on demand or for pre-planned meetings, and our professional interpreters are available 24/7 for hundreds of languages.

Sign language interpretation (Available on-site or remotely via video)

Sign language interpretation supports participants of a sign language communicate with those of a spoken language. All global sign languages (ASL, BSL, CSL/ZGS, DGS) are supported.

Expertise   Our interpreters and project management expertise

We select interpreters who are experienced professionals with linguistic and life sciences subject matter expertise.

Selected also for their interpersonal skills, you can trust our interpreters to convey messages effectively and accurately, preserving cultural essence with the correct terminologies. 

These interpreters are supported by our specialist project management staff who will act as your primary point of contact, responsible for the overall schedule and quality of interpreting work, making sure you don’t have to speak to multiple people to get your answers.

Example of a simultaneous interpreting workflow

Before interpreting

  • Request submission to your Linguamatics team
  • Requirement gathering and project scoping
  • Quotation
  • Approved interpreters are booked
  • If not available, blind CVs are provided


Interpreter selection

  • Interpreter selection by client if required
  • Linguamatics can provide audio samples for each linguist if required



  • 15-minute terminology calls are set up with client contacts and interpreters if required
  • Depending on the requirements, pre-event technical tests with the technical team and the linguists can be performed


Delivery and feedback

  • Live event takes place
  • Feedback session (both client and Linguamatics provide feedback on sound quality, interpreting services satisfaction etc.)