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Language Solutions for Safety Pharmacovigilance

11th Dec 2023

The challenge of global scale

Drug safety and pharmacovigilance professionals are increasingly challenged, having to do more with less. The scope of pharmacovigilance is constantly increasing, impacting volumes of data to analyze while coping with speed requirements and challenging costs control.

Linguamatics developed a set of technologies and services to enable pharmacovigilance to seamlessly scale across geographies and languages fast, safely, and very cost-consciously.


Solutions designed for safety:

  • Translation Management that integrates into all pharmacovigilance ecosystems
  • Proprietary NMT engines trained exclusively in life science specialized content
  • Forward-thinking innovation in workflow management, natural language processing and more


Unique sector expertise:

  • In-house subject matter expertise with our unique IQVIA know how
  • Global and local regulatory experts
  • Professional expert linguist network, highly specialized
  • Dedicated account and project management teams, fully scalable

Leverage our expertise

Get in touch with one of our safety and pharmacovigilance translation expert, and get guidance, insights and best-practices to scale your programs across languages easier, faster and cheaper.

pharmacovigilance translations
Plug & play solutions that rollout faster because integrated. Built in technology for faster turnaround
pharmacovigilance translations
Our unmatched industry expertise + SME-based delivery model provide higher quality and security for a better experience
pharmacovigilance translations
Technology-first approach and optimized management to reduce time and costs

Our solution   All content types

At Linguamatics, we pride ourselves on our extensive content expertise, ensuring that our language solutions for safety and pharmacovigilance are top-notch. 

We offer a wide range of solutions that cater to all document types, ensuring that no matter what type of information you need to process, we have you covered:

  • S/AE case processing
  • Abstracts
  • Articles
  • Regulatory forms
  • Correspondence
  • Aggregate reporting

Supported by the right language technology

machine translationWe leverage best-in-class tools designed for specific healthcare and life science use cases such as safety and pharmacovigilance:

Our proprietary neural machine translation (NMT) engines are trained exclusively in specialized clinical content, making them the best instant translation solution (BLEU scores of 0.6-0.8+) for any clinical use case such as pharmacovigilance. 

Stronger engines lead to greater leverage and increased efficiency, ultimately reducing reduced human effort, therefore reducing turnaround and cost

Our organization prides itself with its forward-thinking innovation in workflow management, natural language processing and more that truly benefits our clients and their operations.

Scalable and compliant

We have a proven track record of scaling pharmacovigilance programs on demand, up to the highest volumes ever recorded during the COVID-19 vaccine programs.

  • Expertise ranging from niche markets to massive global PV programs
  • More than 1,000 S/AE cases translated per day
  • Experience managing shifting volumes, sudden spikes and large boluses

Our solution is designed to deliver in compliance:

  • Standard turnaround within 24-48 hours of translated S/AE cases
  • <24-hour rush turnaround of special cases
  • GDPR & PIPL compliant
  • On-time delivery rate of 99+%
  • Exceptional KPI adherence relative to standalone LSPs

Learn more

Learn more about our specialized language solutions for healthcare and life sciences use cases

Case study   Global Pharmacovigilance for COVID-19 vaccine