Big Data Analytics in Healthcare

As healthcare continues to shift to value-based care, the use of big data analytics in healthcare and NLP is an essential technology for providers and payers.


Population Health Managment and Analysis

Characterize patient populations with lifestyle factors and social determinant data to improve risk stratification.


How does real-time NLP identify high-risk patients?

Screening unstructured data in real time can identify early signs of cancer and missed diagnoses.


How does NLP support clinical document improvement?

Use NLP to drive problem list reconciliation, fill documentation gaps, and improve clinical insights.


How does clinical NLP improve cancer insights?

Extract pathology data, build and apply predictive models, and match patients to clinical trials using NLP.


How does NLP enhance medical research?

Support machine learning and Big Data analytics, and reduce manual chart review.


How can NLP reduce the burden of quality and core measures?

Automatically extract quality measures and supporting documentation to reduce manual chart review.