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Leading CRO enables employees with instant translations

Leading CRO enables employees with instant translations

Linguamatics rolls out its secure instant translation portal to support 1,000+ employees across the entire organization


Situation   Identifying the need for instant translations in a operating models acting globally

A leading Contract Research Organization (CRO) with operations running across the globe has several business units faced with a significant challenge in streamlining communication and collaboration on a global scale. Language barriers hindered effective interaction among team members and posed a significant obstacle to seamless operations when documentation had to be treated by teams which were not always fluent in all covered languages.

The CRO recognized the need for a reliable and secure instant translation solution to enable its employees and processes to work efficiently and ensure consistent understanding across language boundaries.

Amongst the key requirements, quality and user experience were some of the biggest criteria, but the main concern was to find a solution that will be HIPAA compliant and in line with their extremely rigorous data compliance standards, putting many of the existing solutions out of scope.