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Linguamatics NLP - Cloned

Accurate, scalable & trusted healthcare NLP

Transform text into positive healthcare outcomes


How our customer have benefited from Linguamatics NLP

200x faster
Phenotype curation - from 34 hours to 10 minutes using Linguamatics NLP
56% increase
Targeted SDOH screening using Linguamatics NLP
faster target ID
2x faster
From target identification to clinical trials (3 years vs 6 year average)

AI and NLP designed for healthcare

Linguamatics NLP incorporates over 6.5 million biomedical synonyms with ready to use models to answer critical healthcare and life science question, e.g., adverse events, Social Determinants of Health (SDOH)
  • Secure and compliant: Multiple deployment options depending on your needs: HIPAA-compliant infrastructure, on-premise or private cloud or via Linguamatics cloud solutions. 
  • Configurable and explainable AI:  blend rules-based with large language models (LLMs) and machine learning. 
  • Flexible content: Combine hosted biomedical data sources (e.g., PubMed, FDA labels) with 3rd party subscriptions and your own data sources.  
  • Integrated ontologies: Automatically access 6.5 million synonyms from a wide range of biomedical ontologies and terminologies 
  • Results normalization: organize your output for downstream analysis 
  • Linguistic processing: ML and rules-based linguistics for precise relationships and named entity recognition 
  • Accurate and scalable: production grade F-scores for out-of-the-box models, process 8+ million documents an hour 
NLP synonyms and ontologies

What should you consider when choosing healthcare AI solutions?

Not all healthcare AI is equal. In the current climate it can be confusing to understand what kind of AI solution you need. Generative AI, NLP, machine learning, neural networks the list goes on. Below is handy guide of things to consider when you’re choosing a solution:
  • Domain expertise: Do they speak the language? Do they understand my problems and needs? Is there a community to engage with? 
  • Reliability: how new is the software? Has it been deployed in production environments? Are there publications validating the use of the software? Open source can be great for experimentation but is not necessarily the best for robust work or production workflows. 
  • Compliance: how will the AI be deployed? Is it HIPAA compliant? Do you have appropriate licensing in place for ontologies and public documents?  
  • Auditability: Do I understand how the data has been generated? What’s the transparency of the solution and can I make changes? 
  • Usability: Do I need to be an expert to use this solution? Does it integrate into other systems? How long does it take?  
  • Cost: What’s the cost to build and maintain? Do I need to employ new staff? 

This list is not exhaustive but provides some of the things to consider when looking at AI and NLP solutions in healthcare. Linguamatics has been providing NLP solutions for over 20 years and would be happy to help you understand what tools would best solve your healthcare business challenges.  

natural language processing

Case studies   Real World Examples of using Linguamatics NLP combined with machine learning