Enhancing patent landscape analysis with visualization output

Yang YY, Akers L, Barcelon Yang C, Klose T, Pavlek S

World Patent Inform. 2010 Sep; 32(3): 203-220




Abstract: A patent landscape analysis can be defined as a state-of-the-art patent search that provides graphic representations of information from search results.

The focus is patents and patent applications from a given technology area or company patent portfolio. Unlike a traditional state-of-the-art search which provides relevant information in text format, patent landscape analysis provides graphics and charts to demonstrate patenting trends, leading patent assignees, collaboration partners, white space analysis, technology evaluations, etc. 

In this article, we will illustrate two case studies from a more in-depth evaluation of some text mining tools. Output from these tools may be integrated into patent analysis workflow to yield critical visual views of the data and actionable business intelligence.