PhosphoSitePlus, 2014: mutations, PTMs and recalibrations

Hornbeck PV, Zhang B, Murray B, Kornhauser JM, Latham V, Skrzypek E

Nucleic Acids Res. 2015 Jan; 43(Database issue):D512-20

PMID: 25514926


PhosphoSitePlus(®) (PSP,, a knowledgebase dedicated to mammalian post-translational modifications (PTMs), contains over 330,000 non-redundant PTMs, including phospho, acetyl, ubiquityl and methyl groups. Over 95% of the sites are from mass spectrometry (MS) experiments.

In order to improve data reliability, early MS data have been reanalyzed, applying a common standard of analysis across over 1,000,000 spectra. Site assignments with P > 0.05 were filtered out. Two new downloads are available from PSP. The 'Regulatory sites' dataset includes curated information about modification sites that regulate downstream cellular processes, molecular functions and protein-protein interactions.

The 'PTMVar' dataset, an intersect of missense mutations and PTMs from PSP, identifies over 25,000 PTMVars (PTMs Impacted by Variants) that can rewire signaling pathways.

The PTMVar data include missense mutations from UniPROTKB, TCGA and other sources that cause over 2000 diseases or syndromes (MIM) and polymorphisms, or are associated with hundreds of cancers. PTMVars include 18 548 phosphorlyation sites, 3412 ubiquitylation sites, 2316 acetylation sites, 685 methylation sites and 245 succinylation sites.