Patent search

Linguamatics' patent mining solution builds on the core capabilities of our market leading text mining engine, I2E.

It provides large-scale text mining of full-text patents from the world’s major patent organizations, including the USPTO, EPO and WIPO. The solution enables powerful NLP-based analysis over tens of millions of full text documents in real time. 

The solution consists of: 

  • I2E, Linguamatics’ market-leading agile NLP (Natural Language Processing)-based text mining software
  • An index of full text patent applications and grants from leading patent offices around the world (USPTO, WIPO, EPO). 

It provides a cost-effective, accessible, high performance text mining capability to rapidly extract facts and relationships from a comprehensive patent document set, to support business-critical decision-making within your organisation. 

Key features

  • Best-of-breed text mining software hosted on the cloud 
  • Resource library containing off the shelf queries designed for patent content 
  • Easily extract numerical information including amounts, concentrations, percentages and other measurements 
  • Ability to search tables 
  • Control over highlighting and results format
  • Automatically recognize and extract concepts such as companies, drugs, diseases, genes and chemicals from within the document
  • Ability to create customized queries 
  • Automatic software updates
  • Comprehensive set of vocabularies

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