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Agios Pharmaceuticals

Stuart Murray talks about his experience of using Linguamatics text mining platform, I2E, to get decision support and build their pipeline at Agios.



"We’ve used Linguamatics I2E for 10 years, and the reason we use I2E is speed: to get decision support as fast and as comprehensively as possible. We’ve used I2E from very early exploratory research to discover targets for our pipeline through to pre-clinical development looking for safety signals, and now most recently for pharmacovigilance to understand what is going on in our clinical trials. We don’t just use I2E to find an answer, we use it to build a pipeline. Our rare genetic program was founded on an understanding of the global space of rare genetic diseases which we mined extensively with I2E to identify candidate diseases and candidate target genes - so we actually developed a whole therapeutic area using text mining technologies. In our company it is not difficult or unusual to use text mining - it is expected we can find an answer, that we are reliable, and that it will be effective. For sophisticated text mining semantic search we think Linguamatics is the best."

Stuart Murray, Informatics at Agios Pharmaceuticals

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