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Actionable insights from NLP - Bench to Bedside

In both pharma and healthcare, getting the right information for decision support is critical. As most of this data is in unstructured text, manual review is tedious and time-consuming.

Linguamatics provides a Natural Language Processing text-mining solution that identifies the relevant facts and relationships, extracts them in a structured form for review and fast analysis, and connects these facts together to synthesize knowledge and create actionable insights. This data transformation is something we’re seeing across all healthcare industries.

Thinking about the cycle from bench to bedside; in early discovery you might need to understand the landscape of genes associated with a particular disease. You might want to understand safety profiles of a drug or target, find the optimal protocol design for a phase one or phase three clinical study. You might want to know more about patient-reported outcomes for a particular product, or understand how to select the right treatments for your patients, or identify patient populations at high risk for a particular disease.

From bench to bedside you need the best data available to answer questions, and Natural Language Processing can help you find the answers from unstructured text.

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