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Easily extract social determinants of health with multimission NLP from Linguamatics

When it comes to a person’s health, are you really getting the full picture? Because a person’s health is not just influenced by their medical care, there are other factors that contribute to healthcare outcomes, such as social determinants of health, like the environment, the details of which are lost within the patient narrative.

Linguamatics NLP platform can identify that data. It extracts relevant text by sifting huge amounts of unstructured data found in anything from Health records through to call center transcripts. It transforms text into actionable knowledge. It can recognize linguistic patterns and identify relevant information in context. It can address synonyms, acronyms, negations and even identify misspelling.

By understanding all of the social determinants contributing to someone’s health we get a clearer picture of that person. Which enables you to make better, more insightful decisions, decisions which can affect costs; the health of an individual; and even the health of a population.

With its predetermined algorithms it’s easy to get started, and, if needed, you can reconfigure it to fit your own requirements.

Linguamatics NLP platform can give you the data to address the whole health picture, quickly, without the extensive manual labor. Benefiting those at risk earlier, which leads to a healthier population.

Linguamatics NLP platform - Visit the SDoH web page to find out more.

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