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NLP In-Person Hosted Seminar Series 2023


Natural language processing is a powerful technology that is being applied in new and innovative ways across healthcare and life science.

Join our in-person seminar series to hear about the advances in NLP and machine learning techniques being applied within healthcare, pharma, and government organizations. Learn about new applications for leveraging NLP to unlock key insights from unstructured text to improve patient outcome, safety assessment, brand awareness, and more.

The seminar will focus on topics such as precision medicine, risk adjustment, population health as well as generating high-quality data and insights for drug discovery, safety, regulatory and medical affairs teams. 

During these one day seminars, there will be customers’ use case presentations using NLP, product updates and overview along with networking opportunities with your peers and NLP Experts, knowledge sharing and hands-on learning.

Topics covered:  

The final agenda will be available in the weeks ahead but use cases will cover: 

  • Providers & Health Systems, Payers & Insurance Companies 
  • Pharma discovery, safety, regulatory, and medical affairs 

Who should attend:

  • Current customers – we would love to say hi in person and show you our latest solutions 
  • Researchers, scientists, product teams, clinicians
  • Data scientist, technical architect, executive in innovation, analytics quality or data role working with lots of unstructured data
  • Anyone struggling to get the information you need from volumes of unstructured record and texts

This event we will be a good opportunity to learn about Innovative NLP Solutions and how others use NLP to solve their data challenges.

September 19th, Princeton, NJ

On September 19th, 2023 IQVIA NLP will be hosting a 1 day seminar in Princeton, NJ.

Time - 10:00 am to 2:40 pm (EST)

Location - Princeton, NJ


Register by September 12 to secure your spot. 

September 21st - Chicago, IL

On September 21st, 2023 IQVIA NLP will be hosting a 1 day seminar in Chicago, IL.

Time - 10:00 am to 2:40 pm (CDT)

Location - Chicago, IL


Register by September 14 to secure your spot. 

October 3rd - Basel, Switzerland

On October 3rd, 2023 IQVIA NLP will be hosting a 1 day seminar in Basel, Switzerland. 

Time - 12:30 am to 6:00 pm (CET)

Location - Basel, Switzerland


Register by September 26 to secure your spot. 

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