Unlock the value of your unstructured data with NLP-based text analytics. May 2014

August 26, 2014
Venue: San Francisco, California, United States

Linguamatics is running a free interactive seminar highlighting advancements in Natural Language Processing (NLP)-based text analytics and related technologies that can unlock the value of multiple sources of unstructured data, such as clinical trials reports, electronic health records, social media, scientific literature, patents and proprietary content to generate higher quality, targeted results for better decision support.

The ability to efficiently extract facts and relationships from unstructured data and text can have a dramatic impact in many areas within the life science & healthcare industries. Examples include: automating clinical trials matching, reducing the cost of clinical trials and understanding where to invest money and resources through information extraction from patents.

Speakers & topics confirmed to date:

Gabriel Escobar, Kaiser Permanente
Predicting undesirable rehospitalizations: the role of NLP

Introduction to Natural Language Processing (NLP)-based text mining

  • Advanced NLP for Electronic Health Records
  • I2E Semantic Enrichment for enterprise search
  • Matching patient profiles to clinical trials
  • Understanding drug-gene to disease relationships using NLP
  • Working with social media/news feeds
  • Federated text mining on the cloud: a new approach to an old problem

Who should attend

This event will provide information around how I2E can help those working in the following areas: Informaticians, Bioinformaticians, Information Professionals, Knowledge Managers, Digital librarians, CMIOs, Director of Informatics, CIOs etc. in the Biotech, Pharma and Healthcare industries.

What will be covered?

There will be a number of interactive presentations from both members of the Linguamatics team and guest speakers. To view the agenda click here.

Download the agenda