I2E OnDemand

Cloud-based Text Mining

Linguamatics I2E OnDemand allows you to access the capabilities and benefits of I2E via the cloud. The platform includes software, access to content and vocabularies/thesauri all managed by Linguamatics. Accessing the platform via the cloud provides a cost-effective, easily-accessible, high-performance text mining system to rapidly extract facts and relationships from a wide range of content sources.

Learn about the I2E OnDemand options and read the datasheet.

I2E OnDemand comes with MEDLINE as default and it's easy to add extra content options, from both Linguamatics and our content partners.

I2E OnDemand Content Architecture image


Key Features and Benefits of I2E OnDemand

  • Fast speed to insight – identify facts and relationships easily and quickly with patented NLP text mining software
  • Fast ROI, get up and running quickly - no need to train internal staff to install and set up the software/hardware
  • Low operating costs, reduced total cost of ownership (TCO) Reduce capital expenditure - no new hardware required
  • Instant and secure service
  • 24/7 access to up-to-date standard content sets e.g. MEDLINE, FDA Drug Labels, Patents etc
  • Flexibility to accommodate your own custom content e.g. internal documents
  • Easy integration with in-house applications and workflow
  • Up to date vocabularies and thesauri
  • Great technical support and timely software updates

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