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Healthcare NLP APIs

  1. Current Challenges
  2. What can our APIs do for you?
  3. Integrate NLP to machine learning models
  4. Meet the first NLP APIs
  5. Key Benefits

Rapidly deploy healthcare Natural Language Processing APIs

Linguamatics healthcare-tuned application programming interfaces, or APIs, provides instant, secure access to our award-winning NLP, answering crucial questions in healthcare and life sciences at the push of a button. Seamlessly surface new layers of contextual insights with these easy-to-use APIs that are made by healthcare for healthcare and free to get started.

Current Challenges

The volume and rate of growth of healthcare and biomedical data has never been greater - whether that is within the EHR or other internal systems, or external systems such as PubMed,, FDA Drug Labels, and more. Most of the data is siloed, meaning it can’t be easily merged to find the insights you need, and about 80 percent is unstructured, meaning it’s not analysis-ready without manual coding. NLP can solve for this by capturing language context and nuance across systems.

What can our Healthcare NLP APIs do for you?

  • Extract valuable healthcare concepts and social determinants of health information for easy population health and predictive analytics
  • Detect adverse events in call center notes, social media and literature
  • Capture relevant biomarker data in clinical trial records and drug labels
  • And more

Easily Integrate NLP to machine learning models

Downstream tools and machine learning (ML) models rely on clean data sets in order to produce accurate results. This crucial step usually requires a lot of manual effort, which is why most of your time is spent on cleaning rather than machine learning.

Our Healthcare NLP APIs take away this burden, making it easy to plug NLP into an existing workflows, and automating the process of cleaning and preparing data for downstream tools. This results in significant time savings, better decision making and boosts productivity.

Our range of NLP APIs are tuned to recognize concepts and relationships for some of the most common use cases in Healthcare, enabling users to easily apply NLP to their own data as well as to documents retrieved from the Content Store. Our standard range of APIs consistently convert .txt into .json output, which can be easily parsed into a downstream tool.

Meet the first NLP APIs

Our suite of powerful APIs make our NLP accessible to all, surfacing rapid answers the most common questions in healthcare and life science:

  • Healthcare Concepts helps you recognize key healthcare concepts, context and patterns in data, such as the drugs and dosages covered
  • Social Determinants of Health (SDoH) surfaces structured information from clinical notes on patients’ social determinants of health, including social isolation, food insecurities, transportation issues and more
  • MedDRA Codes identifies and codes adverse events into standardized MedDRA concepts
  • FDA Drug Label Biomarkers allows you to easily extract gene/protein biomarkers, with drug and indication, into a structured output. For example, this API can tell you the best biomarkers for a specific disease or drug
  • Biomarkers extracts gene/protein biomarkers, with indication, into a structured output. It answers questions like, “Which biomarker will optimize the outcome of my clinical trial?”

Key Benefits

  • PROVEN: Healthcare-tuned by the world leader in healthcare NLP
  • EASY: No NLP experience required. JSON output for easy integration
  • SECURE: Keeps sensitive PHI and PII data isolated, encrypted and fully secure
  • FRICTIONLESS: Powerful NLP available via a simple interface at the push of a button
  • FLEXIBLE: Drop in your text or use our content library (covers key biomedical data sources such as PubMed,, FDA Drug Labels)
  • FREE: No upfront commitment with free license option

NLP API freemium

Free yourself from frustrating manual efforts to code and clean your unstructured data. Eliminate blind spots and go straight to analysis with NLP APIs that understand key healthcare concepts in the right context.

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