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Integrate NLP Workflows

Linguamatics Web Services integrates the power of NLP into your Workflows. Our toolkit provides a suite of tools to support automation workflows using the RESTful Web Services API (WSAPI) to access NLP functionality.

  1. ​Linguamatics Web Services Toolkit
  2. Key Benefits
  3. Examples of Using the Toolkit

Linguamatics Web Services - Integrate the power of Natural Language Processing into your Workflows


The Challenge of Collecting Data

Every day, week or month, employees repeat the same procedures to keep up to date: collecting, collating and consolidating data for a regular report; updating the data behind a dashboard; or hunting for the latest information in internal or external data sources. Executing the same process regularly isn’t effective use of the employee’s time.

How can these tasks be completed more efficiently?

Businesses in all industries are looking to automation to relieve their employees of these repetitive tasks. Linguamatics automation toolkit can integrate into workflows to surface key information, make dashboards more comprehensive and up-to-date, searches more powerful, and uncover information hidden in data stores.


​Linguamatics Web Services Toolkit

Linguamatics provides a suite of tools to support automation workflows, using the I2E RESTful Web Services API (WSAPI) to access I2E functionality. These tools also use the text-based querying language, EASL, to define I2E queries.

The toolkit includes:

  • Client Software Developer Kits (SDKs), for interfaces to the WSAPI in Java, JavaScript or Python. These include libraries and modules to provide functionality, along with sample code and full documentation.
  • EASL SDKs, for creating or modifying I2E queries in JavaScript or Python
  • KNIME Nodes to integrate I2E indexing and querying steps into your workflows
  • Pipeline Pilot Components to integrate I2E indexing and querying steps into your protocols
  • a ManifoldCF connector, for one-time or continuous indexing of document stores such as Documentum or databases such as SQL Server

Key Benefits

  • Automatically ask questions (queries) of unstructured documents and feed the structured results into a post-processing script, database, tool or dashboard;
  • Build powerful queries and searches, based on ontology information direct from the index;
  • Identify, analyze and extract key snippets from documents in KNIME or Biovia Pipeline Pilot workflows;
  • Index large sets of unstructured documents, even if they change regularly. This enriches the data with full linguistic processing and our extensive Life Sciences and Healthcare ontologies.

Examples of using the toolkit

Use the power of Natural Language Processing to improve employee efficiency, remove the repetitive tasks from their workdays and minimize mistakes.

If you are looking to extract information from rapidly-changing document sets in real-time, consider AMP, our optimize solution for fault-tolerant, scalable NLP.

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