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Step Change: Unlocking the hidden value of your enterprise’s dark data with NLP


With over 80% of healthcare and life science data being held in unstructured documents, free-text fields within databases, digital platforms and many more sources, no organization can afford to ignore this source of competitive advantage. Embedding at-scale natural language processing (NLP) is the key to achieving a step change in insight generation, decision making and innovation.


What you will learn: In this webinar we’ll share case studies, approaches and technologies that can unlock value for a diverse range of functions and teams by addressing challenges with NLP. You’ll hear about:

  • How one organization had built a center of excellence that routinely tackles new challenges from across the business using unstructured data
  • See a demonstration of how two components, NLP Data Factory for automation and NLP Insights Hub for self-service analytics, are used to unlock value
  • Case studies that bring to life the richness of external and internal data sources as well as the use cases they power

NLP and automation

Self-service analytics

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