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Access the webinar: Operationalizing NLP to support value-based care at Atrius Health

Length: 1 hour

Healthcare providers are facing an urgent need to streamline operations while improving quality of care and patient satisfaction. With a wealth of technology hype around AI, Natural Language Processing (NLP) and big data, how are providers to know what investments to make and how to bring these technologies into production use?

In this webinar we bring together leading healthcare organization, Atrius Health, and NLP experts, Linguamatics, to explore the practical uses of NLP in healthcare and give real-life examples of how Atrius Health has implemented processes to improve clinical documentation, identify at-risk patients and streamline their ACO reporting.

You will learn:

  • The analytics challenges facing Atrius Health in an evolving healthcare market and how NLP fits
  • How Atrius Health is using NLP from to enhance clinical documentation for chronic disorders to improve care and Medicare Advantage reimbursement
  • How NLP is used as a patient safety net to close gaps in care and reduce risk of litigation
  • How ACO quality reporting is streamlined using NLP
  • Future uses of NLP to support behavioral health

Download the supporting value-based care with Atrius Health case study or learn more about big data solutions for the healthcare industry.

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