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AI-enabled language & translation solutions

Simplify the language of science

We help healthcare & life sciences to innovate, automate and scale, simply and cost-effectively through industry-leading AI & translation solutions

Trusted by global industry leaders in healthcare and life sciences

How we do it   Language solutions made simple

Simple   Faster, easier access to any language

Linguists, Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) or AI-NMT-driven: access Linguamatics’ translation solutions specifically built for healthcare & life sciences workflows in seconds through a user-friendly portal or within your ecosystem.

Translation for life sciences

Cost-Efficient   Cut the costs of your global operations

Globalization offers many challenges; high cost should not be one of them. Run global activities more efficiently with Linguamatics’ fit-for-purpose & cost-efficient language delivery models.

reduce cost of translations

AI - Powered   Capitalize on healthcare AI expertise

By choosing Linguamatics' Healthcare NLP, Neural Machine Translation (NMT) and the best linguistic AI in the market, you team up with 20+ years of experience in AI designed for healthcare operations. Out of the box models include: social determinants of health, adverse event detection, and many others.

AI translations

Results   Your resource for global acceleration

Linguamatics makes healthcare and life-science data, information and knowledge manageable at scale, fast and efficiently.
Global clinical trials supported in 2022, making Linguamatics the leading solution to enable trials at scale
Languages accessible through a user-friendly portal with full integration potential
F-score on our proprietary Natural Language Processing technology, the best AI technology for healthcare (2023 AI breakthrough awards)

Products & Services   Unlock insights & potential anywhere

Healthcare AI:   From data to impact

Leverage the power of Linguamatics' Natural language Processing (NLP) and Neuro Machine Translation (NMT), trained for healthcare and life sciences, and transform data at scale to automate processes and improve patient outcomes

Translation solutions:   Everywhere, anytime

Linguamatics' language technology and experts accessible through workflows built specifically and uniquely for healthcare & life sciences: access any language at the push of a button.

Case Studies   Discover how we help our global clients

Why linguamatics   We help healthcare companies perform globally faster, more easily and more efficiently

Linguistic technology and expertise are too often industry agnostic. Linguamatics challenges the status quo and designs solutions that help companies step into the future of healthcare and life sciences: responsive, decentralized, global, cost efficient and inclusive.