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Alerting: NLP results at your fingertips

Alerting: NLP results to your inbox

We rely on obtaining as much information about a topic as possible to mitigate risk and unknowns in business and in our daily lives.  That knowledge becomes the backbone of our decision support. The trouble is, there is so much information produced daily, that in our hectic lives we can rarely go through it all, let alone sift through the information to only focus on pertinent knowledge to retain.  But are you finding the most up-to-date information? Is the information you are relying on for your decision support, years or even decades old?

Decision support straight to your inbox

Linguamatics NLP provides an Alerting capability to reduce the time required to review and provide results that are appropriate to your needs. Alerting allows you to schedule NLP search queries to be run at desired intervals, whether it is monthly, weekly, or even daily to keep up-to-date with your newest indexed information. 

This knowledge can be delivered via email to an individual or groups with the most recent and relevant information at your fingertips at all times. This broadens the benefits gained from an NLP approach – recipients of these emails can be across the organization, not just Linguamatics hands-on users.

The range and application of the alerting can be as broad as you need. You are not limited to one question but can schedule as many query alerts as you would like, to differing groups of recipients, as appropriate. This flexibility enables many different groups (e.g. different therapeutic area leads, medical affairs teams, safety assessment groups, to name but a few) to keep up-to-date.

Alerting workflow provides flexibility for Enterprise or Cloud access

Alerting workflows ignore older documents that have already been reviewed for a given search query.  This means that only the newest information that is returned by the query is distributed to those who want exposure to this pertinent information, in a completely automated fashion.  Sometimes, documents with minor changes are considered new information, but with alerting, these documents will already be considered reviewed information. 

The Linguamatics NLP results are persistent and you can use the links from the emails to review the information any time in the future.  Also, the results can be in provided in a variety of different formats to suit your needs, including Excel, TSV, and HTML.

The Alerting feature is available to provide updates on any of the content on the Content Store and is also available for on-premise deployments over custom datasets.  The framework is flexible, and after the initial set up, you can decide:

  • Who will receive alerting results.
  • The security level for the alerting results.
  • What sources to search.
  • What NLP query will be run, including which terminologies or ontologies.
  • How often to run the query.

Rapid effective systematic access to the latest knowledge

With the newest and most relevant information at hand, you now have a great way to obtain and an easier way to retain knowledge while helping lead to much more informed decisions.

If you would like to learn more, please contact us to discuss.

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