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Find Critical Insights Faster: Linguamatics I2E 5.3 Latest Release Features Revealed

Linguamatics I2E 5.3

The latest release of Linguamatics AI Natural Language Processing (NLP) text mining software, I2E 5.3, has a number of new features and improvements for creating simple open queries to questions that use advanced linguistic analytics to reveal relevant results faster, with better precision and recall.

Most of the out-of-the-box I2E 5.3 Resources queries, such as finding all variations of subject-relation-object patterns, or gene-mutation-disease associations, can now be embedded within other queries, allowing you to further constrain your extracted relationships.

In I2E 5.3, when you start typing in the class chooser, it will automatically suggest the top 20 classes with that prefix (Figure 1) across all of your terminologies. If you want more suggestions, with our new auto-suggestion feature, you can “Resume” your search to match more terms.

Figure 1. Class Chooser Autocomplete for the prefix "foo"

For fresh installations, I2E 5.3 Enterprise is now configured to use SSL (TLS) by default. This ensures that all communication is encrypted and nothing, including user credentials, is sent through the network in the clear. 

I2E 5.3 was launched at our Linguamatics Spring Text Mining Conference 2018 back in April. Attendees that took part in the workshops got a chance to use the new I2E features and improvements in sessions such as the Query Hackathon and What’s New in I2E. They were also able to take part in our new I2E Query User Certificate Program in order to improve and validate their skills.

If you would like to find out more about I2E 5.3, visit our web page or get in touch with the team.

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