Getting Started with Linguamatics I2E KNIME Nodes

At the recent Text Mining Summit, one piece of feedback that we received was that video tutorials were a good source of helpful information for users. We considered this good timing as we had just started work on one!

KNIME and Pipeline Pilot are both popular workflow tools that I2E customers use to enhance the power of text mining but whereas the Pipeline Pilot components provided by Linguamatics are installed on the server, the KNIME nodes that we have produced are often deployed by individuals on their Desktop KNIME application. To get those users up and running quickly, we've put together a 15 minute YouTube video explaining the steps needed to:

  • Download and install the nodes
  • Create a new KNIME workflow and add the Linguamatics I2E nodes
  • Configure the nodes and run the workflow



We would love your feedback on this video (too long or too short? too quick or too slow?) and please let us know what other topics you would like to be covered by a video tutorial.

If you have any questions about using I2E and these nodes, please contact I2E Support. I hope that the video inspires you to get started with the KNIME nodes and start building awesome workflows. We heard about some great applications that integrate with I2E at the Text Mining Summit: next year it could be you!