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Linguamatics and AWS Technology Partnership: NLP in the Cloud

Linguamatics AWS Cloud

I am delighted to share that Linguamatics recently became an official AWS Technology Partner.  In recognition of this milestone, I wanted to provide some details about how AWS helps to underpin Linguamatics products, including:

  • I2E OnDemand, a powerful NLP text analytics cloud platform used by data scientists and informaticians at leading pharmaceutical and healthcare organizations around the globe
  • iScite, an award-winning Scientific Search cloud platform for end-user scientists and clinicians
  • Scalability and performance for semantic enrichment workflows

Rapid ROI and Reduced Cost of Ownership with Federated Text Mining in the Cloud

I2E OnDemand has been available for many years, providing Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) data mining for many of our customers - reducing their operating and capital expenditure costs, and providing instant, secure service for fast ROI.

In 2015, we migrated the platform to use AWS for the "gateway servers" that enable our Connected Data Technology to provide a unique federated text mining solution. Each customer organization has their own gateway servers; OnDemand plus customers can use these servers for managing their own content on I2E OnDemand. And with a range of different AWS  instances, Linguamatics can match customer requirements with the appropriate compute resource.

Thanks to I2E’s exclusive federated search capability, users can extract information from multiple content sources with a single search. The data is normalized on-the-fly, connecting the relevant knowledge from each data source for faster analysis and comprehensive answers to business-critical questions.

HIPAA Compliance and Data Privacy Protection

Linguamatics also provides AWS HIPAA-compliant I2E installations on I2E OnDemand for customers with specialized requirements. This is critical for some of our customers, particularly in healthcare organizations, where patient data must be stored and handled in a compliant manner.

Rapid Generation of Insights from Real World Data with Cloud-Based Workflows

Of course, organizations can also deploy I2E to their own private clouds. Novo Nordisk recently presented on their experiences migrating I2E to AWS. They have developed a cloud-based workflow that uses I2E to extract data from medical scientific liaison (MSL) reports, customer call feeds, and other real world data. These data are then visualized in dashboards which enable product brand owners to respond rapidly to patient issues and trends. Using the workflow has reduced the effort and time needed to gain these insights from six weeks to a few hours.

AWS and iScite: a Breakthrough in Scientific Literature Search

Introduced in May this year, iScite is an award-winning breakthrough innovation in scientific search that puts the precision and power of Linguamatics AI-based text analytics directly into the hands of scientists.

As well as the Elastic Compute Cloud, iScite uses a range of other AWS features to support an architecture that automatically scales as the number of iScite users changes over time: as more users log into, new AWS instances spin up to meet demand.

Real-time Processing of Healthcare and Life Science Data supports Semantic Enrichment Workflows

Real-time processing of documents using I2E AMP has been designed to be incredibly scalable across different resources. Linguamatics have benchmarked its use against a variety of machines, including desktop computers and multiple M4 and C5 AWS instances. These experiments indicate that a single AWS instance can process tens of millions of documents per week in real-time with the full range of I2E's powerful NLP, normalization and relationship extraction features. By providing these capabilities at scale, companies can boost their ETL operations, setting up workflows to identify, extract, standardize and process huge amounts of data in real-time.

Cost-effective, high performance text mining with Linguamatics I2E and AWS Cloud Solutions

As more and more organizations move to put data, applications and workflows in the cloud, Linguamatics is continually developing our products to give our customers the best options for accessing the benefits of our powerful text mining solution. Contact us to hear more about moving your text mining needs to the cloud.

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