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Transform your Voice of the Customer Data Using Natural Language Processing (NLP)

transform your VOC data

Real world evidence provides significant insight into how a drug or drug class performs or is used in real world medical settings. Real world evidence (RWE) and real world data (RWD) can inform all phases of pharmaceutical drug development, commercialization, and drug use in healthcare settings.

The ability to quickly transform real world data sources (e.g. EHRs, or patient-reported outcome data from forums, social media) into evidence can improve health outcomes for patients by helping pharmaceutical companies be more efficient in drug development and smarter in commercialization.

Voice of the customer call feeds: a valuable source of real world data 

One source of patient reported outcomes available to pharma companies are the feeds that come into the 1-800 call centers – calls from patients, carers, healthcare professionals or pharmacists, asking questions covering many different issues, such as:

  • Unexpected adverse events
  • Users splitting tablets and opening capsules
  • Contraindicated medications among concomitant drugs
  • Switching from one drug to another
  • Off label use
  • Lack of efficacy questions at particular dosages

Top Pharma use Linguamatics NLP to transform call feeds into actionable insights

Medical affairs teams at top pharma (e.g. Pfizer, J&J, and Novo Nordisk) use Linguamatics NLP to process the unstructured feed from call transcripts using Linguamatics NLP platform. NLP can transform the unstructured text of this real world “voice of the customer” (VOC) data to gain real-time insights. Some companies have developed workflows to process the call transcripts, using a broad range of tailored I2E queries to make sense of the unstructured feeds. Each VOC verbatim is tagged with topic categories, such as registering a complaint, requesting formulation information; or, reporting a side effect or drug-drug interaction. Structuring the unstructured VOC feeds with the key metadata enables easy and rapid search and visualization of these valuable data.

In addition, more value can be gained with a centralized repository for all curated and analysed VOC data. These data can be made accessible to product, commercial or medical affairs teams using I2E web portals, or cloud-based dashboards, enabling global teams to understand changing patient concerns, assess customer insights and make better commercial business decisions.

Experts have found that this end-to-end VOC analysis solutions have enabled many benefits, such as:

  • Reduced manual work by FTEs
  • Reduced vendor spend
  • Automated the process of generating insights
  • Significantly broadened access to insights across a global team
  • More than doubled the efficiency in the analysis of VOC

Read more about Linguamatics NLP text mining for transforming real world data in our application note

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