Collaboration addresses major bottlenecks in prior authorization and medical review

Cambridge, England and ROCKVILLE, Md. — June 26th, 2018 — Linguamatics, the leading natural language processing (NLP) text analytics provider, and Secure Exchange Solutions (SES), a market leader in enabling the secure exchange of health information, today announced the selection of Linguamatics Health as the NLP platform for SES SPOT, a solution that, when combined with SES Fetch, streamlines clinical information exchange and automates the review process.

Inefficient medical review processes (either before or after submitting claims) are major contributors to rising costs in healthcare systems. SES SPOT was developed to evaluate clinical information to help control costs and improve outcomes so that patients receive the appropriate care rapidly, reducing manual effort for providers and public or private health plans, and providing the opportunity to dramatically save time and money.

SES SPOT includes Linguamatics I2E to provide Artificial Intelligence (AI) to extract information from both free text and codified data in an electronic medical record, to compare extracted data with guidelines, and to return evidence, recommendations and an audit trail to automate or semi-automate approval of claims.

Come and Meet Linguamatics at Bio-IT World Conference, Boston

The Bio-IT World Conference & Expo provides a fantastic opportunity to see the latest IT and informatics applications and enabling technologies that drive biomedical research, drug discovery & development, and clinical and healthcare initiatives. Linguamatics are looking forward to attending the 2018 event, it’s going to be our most exciting to date.

  • We will be showcasing our new product, iScite, which is one of the Best Of Show finalists.
  • We are also a finalist with Roche for the Best Practises award, for “Artemis – a text mining tool for Chemists”.
  • John Brimacombe (Executive Chairman, Linguamatics) will also be presenting on how a combination of natural language processing (NLP) and machine learning (ML) can give you the full picture of your data, for better decision making (Pharmaceutical R&D Informatics Track 10, 12noon on Wednesday May 16th).

It’s well known that around 80 percent of data within organizations is unstructured, which means the information can’t easily be visualized or analyzed. This means life science and healthcare organizations continue to face big challenges when it comes to fully realizing the value of their data.

iScite provides end-users with direct access to powerful AI-driven insights from text

Boston — May 9, 2018 — Linguamatics, the leading NLP-based text analytics provider for biomedical applications, today announced the launch of Linguamatics iScite, a breakthrough innovation in scientific search that puts the precision and power of Linguamatics artificial intelligence (AI) technology directly into the hands of scientists, researchers and other knowledge workers. iScite offers a modern, easy-to-use scientific search engine that provides intuitive access to AI-powered searches across key biomedical data sources and delivers insightful answers to search questions.

iScite is designed as a next-generation search experience that empowers non-technical users to conduct their own NLP-based scientific searches to extract data insights. Rather than rely on time- and/or resource-crunched technical experts to create and perform searches, iScite enables users to quickly and independently find precise answers to their high-value questions.

Pharma and healthcare companies are data rich organizations; however a large proportion of this data isn't as accessible as desired, because the information is locked in unstructured text. Linguamatics I2E is used by our customers across drug discovery, development and delivery of therapeutics to tackle this problem, and our biannual user conferences are always a great way to hear updates on applications of text mining and best practise to help solve these data access challenges.

Last month, we had speakers presenting on where they are getting value from I2E, from bench to bedside. Attendees from the pharmaceutical industry, biotech, healthcare, academia, and partner vendor companies came to our Spring Text Mining Conference, for training sessions, networking, discussions, and of course, excellent presentations and talks.

Structure Activity Relationships from Patents, for Medicinal Chemistry

Starting in early discovery, Ortrud Steinfuehr (Information Manager Bayer AG) presented on “An Approach to provide SAR Data from Patents”. Structure Activity Relationships (SAR) provide information about how the 3D structure of a chemical compound impacts biological activity, such as effective dose or inhibitory concentration values for specific targets. SAR is very valuable for medicinal chemistry research around optimisation and modification of lead compounds. These data are often in patents, typically written in a way to make automated extraction of SAR very tricky.

AbbVie, Bayer, Merck KgaA, Mundipharma, and Novo Nordisk to share text mining insights at Cambridge, UK meeting

Cambridge, England and Boston, USA — April, 17, 2018 — Linguamatics, the leading natural language processing (NLP) text analytics provider, today announced its Spring Text Mining Conference 2018 will feature presentations from several top-tier biomedical organizations. The conference, taking place April 23 to April 25 in Cambridge, England, will highlight the wide range of ways that organizations are leveraging I2E, Linguamatics’ powerful NLP-based AI technology, to extract actionable insights from the huge amount of unstructured data available in healthcare and the life sciences.

In addition to presentations from AbbVie, Bayer, Merck KgaA, Mundipharma, and Novo Nordisk, the conference will offer hands-on training for users, opportunities for exchanging ideas and networking, sessions on industry trends and best practices, and demonstrations of the latest Linguamatics technology updates.

“We are seeing ever broader use of NLP for research, intellectual property and real-world evidence,” said David Milward, chief technology officer for Linguamatics. “We are looking forward to learning more about the innovative ways our customers are taking advantage of our text mining technology, and to share details on the latest enhancements to our technology stack, including NLP and machine learning updates.”