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2023 Seminar, Basel: Connected Natural Language Processing

Pullman Basel Europe, Clarastrasse 43, Basel, 4058, Switzerland


Time: 3:30am PDT, 6:30am EDT, 11:30am BST, 12:30pm CEST

Duration: 330 minutes


Natural language processing is a powerful technology that is being applied in new and innovative ways across healthcare and life science.

Join our in-person seminar series to hear about the advances in NLP and machine learning techniques being applied within healthcare, pharma, and government organizations. Learn about new applications for leveraging NLP to unlock key insights from unstructured text to improve patient outcome, safety assessment, brand awareness, and more.

The seminar will focus on topics such as precision medicine, risk adjustment, population health as well as generating high-quality data and insights for drug discovery, safety, regulatory and medical affairs teams. 

During this one day seminar, there will be customers’ use case presentations using IQVIA NLP, product updates and IQVIA overview along with networking opportunities with your peers and IQVIA NLP Experts, knowledge sharing and hands-on learning.

Topics covered:  

The final agenda will be available in the weeks ahead but use cases will cover: 

  • Providers & Health Systems, Payers & Insurance Companies 
  • Pharma discovery, safety, regulatory, and medical affairs 

Who should attend:

  • Current customers – we would love to say hi in person and show you our latest solutions 
  • Researchers, scientists, product teams, clinicians
  • Data scientist, technical architect, executive in innovation, analytics quality or data role working with lots of unstructured data
  • Anyone struggling to get the information you need from volumes of unstructured record and texts

This event we will be a good opportunity to learn about Innovative NLP Solutions and how others use NLP to solve their data challenges.

Quantitative social media listening in pharmaceutical research by Raul Rodriguez-Esteban, Senior Principal Scientist at Roche Pharmaceutical

Social media listening (SML) has the potential to help in many stages of the drug development process in the quest for patient-centric therapies that are fit-for-purpose and meaningful to patients. To fulfill this potential, however, it requires the leveraging of quantitative approaches and analytical methods that draw from developments in NLP and real-world data (RWD) analysis applied to the real-world text (RWT) of social media. These approaches fall under the umbrella of quantitative SML (QSML), which distinguishes itself from the qualitative methods that have been commonly used in the past. In this talk, I will describe what QSML is, why it is used and how it can support drug development, as well as ethical and legal considerations.

IQVIA Ontologies: comprehensive resources to connect data and enable interoperability and advanced analytics by Andrea Splendiani, Principal for Ontologies and Metadata at IQVIA

Ontologies are information resources that capture the definitions and relations between vocabularies, codes and classifications across different disciplines and languages. They underpin data and metadata standardization and are key both to connect and transform data into unified views, and to support different data centric approaches in data management (e.g.: FAIR data, Knowledge Graphs, Data Mesh).

In IQVIA we integrate healthcare data at a unique scale and therefore we have developed a wide range of data assets, technologies, and expertise pertaining ontologies and their application.

We believe that such capabilities developed to support our operations can benefit other organizations on a journey to leverage their data to innovate healthcare. In this talk we present IQVIA ontologies resources and what they can uniquely contribute. 

Partnering with health systems to improve patient outcomes and product up-take through Quality Improvement programs by John Rigg, AI for Healthcare & MedTech, Global Head, Real-World Solutions at IQVIA

Life science companies are increasingly partnering with health systems to deliver patient innovative Quality Improvement programs. These initiatives have tremendous potential to bring benefits to providers, patients and pharma a-like, improving patient outcomes and product up-take. But these partnerships are often complex and there are many hurdles to navigate to achieve large-scale roll-out and success.


This presentation will illustrate what is meant by patient Quality Improvement programs, focusing on the exciting, rapidly growing use of Electronic Health Records (EHR) to target patients and evaluate program performance.   Key challenges will be discussed, both at the macro-level and the project-level, covering technical as well as legal considerations. Finally, the presentation will illustrate key themes through case studies.

Innovating with AI: digital transformation for safety and regulatory affairs by Jane Reed, Director NLP Safety & Regulatory at IQVIA

The pharmaceutical industry is one of the world’s most heavily regulated industries, and the traditional document-centric approach poses challenges in terms of efficiency, cost and value. The ever-increasing volume of safety records and relevant regulatory data mean companies need tools and solutions to assist with safety and regulatory processes. Many companies are looking to innovative new technologies to transform document-driven processes to data-driven ones. In this session, we will discuss the potential that innovative NLP can bring, for digital transformation, automation, and human-in-the-loop augmented intelligence, presenting use cases from the FDA and top pharma. 

Three ways NLP brings value to Medical Affairs, Real-World & Commercial teams by Hywel Evans, Director NLP for Medical Affairs & Commercialization at IQVIA

There is a huge amount of valuable text and document-based information available to medical and commercial teams, but it is often a challenge to work with. From notes captured by field teams that capture the unmet needs of physicians, patient perspective online, to the latest scientific literature and congress abstracts, this data can inform content development, medical and commercial strategy, competitive insights and more. Join us to hear about three examples of applied AI and NLP to unlock these invaluable data sources.

Accelerating Drug Development with NLP by Constantinos Kateatis, Associate Director NLP R&D at IQVIA

The growing document volume and varied data sources in drug development is a constant challenge. Natural language processing (NLP) technologies are key to efficiently keep up with the latest information. Generate insights 10-100x faster by combining new innovative large language models (LLMs) with established methods for a range of drug development tasks, including target identification, target prioritization, clinical trial design, and more. 


Raul Rodriguez-Esteban
Senior Principal Scientist at Roche Pharmaceutical
Andrea Splendiani
Andrea Splendiani
Principal for Ontologies and Metadata at IQVIA
Jane Reed - Director, NLP, Safety & Regulatory
Jane Reed
Director, NLP, Safety & Regulatory
Hywel Evans, Director, NLP for Medical Affairs & Commercialization
Hywel Evans
Director, NLP for Medical Affairs & Commercialization
Constantinos Katevatis is Associate Director, R&D NLP at Linguamatics, an IQVIA company
Constantinos Katevatis
Associate Director, R&D NLP
Paul Milligan - Director, Product Strategy
Paul Milligan
Director, Product Strategy
Andrew Hinton
Andrew Hinton
Senior NLP Application Scientist at IQVIA
John Rigg
John Rigg
AI for Healthcare & MedTech, Global Head, Real-World Solutions at IQVIA

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