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Biotech event: iScite Lunch & Learn

324 Science Park Milton Road, 324 Science Park Milton Road Cambridge, CB4 0WG, United Kingdom

When: Wednesday 27th November 2019

Time: 12:00-1:00pm GMT

Duration: 60 minutes.

Are you trying to accelerate your research without having to read 50,000+ documents?

Want to try out a new AI-powered search to get to answers more quickly, drill down results and present your findings?

Also fancy some pizza?

Then come along to our biotech drop-in Lunch & Learn session, where we will introduce – iScite – AI powered landscaping. You will have an opportunity to:

  1. Try out an innovative new search platform, that accesses MEDLINE, PubMed Central,, FDA Drug Labels and global Patent abstracts
  2. Get two weeks free evaluation of iScite
  3. Network with peers, meet the experts and ask questions to the team
  4. Give your feedback and input into future development of iScite
  5. Grab some free pizza!

Here is a quick overview of iScite benefits vs standard search tools. iScite enables you to:

  • Gain a quick understanding of a specific topic and get answers, over multiple sources at the same time, to questions like:

   - How does my favourite gene impact disease XYZ?

   - What adverse events are reported for drug class XYZ?

   - What biomarkers (hypothetical or confirmed) are reported for a given disease?

   - How many patients were in studies for a given disease?

   - Who is publishing, researching, or filing patents around a particular gene or disease area?

  • Understand the relationships, not just co-occurrence (e.g. the difference between drug TREATS disease and drug CAUSES disease)
  • Drill down quickly with interactive filtering of results
  • Find comparable results with normalization of dosages, concepts etc. 
  • Summarize results and visualize with charts & graphs

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