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The data difference: Unlock rich scientific and clinical content sources with AI


Time: 8:00am PST, 11:00am EST, 4:00pm GMT, 5:00pm CET

Duration: 60 minutes

There are many tasks in pharma, from discovery to medical, development to commercialization, that rely heavily on having and using the right data, however, is no easy task, and must be done against the backdrop of the ever-increasing volume of data being generated. Add to this, the challenges of document-based or unstructured data, where information is not consistently written or referenced, and meta data is poor or incomplete. In this webinar, you will hear about how we tackle some of these challenges by applying natural language processing to high value, large scale data sources and making them available to users to find, extract and use the specific information they need. We will share examples of these data sources being used to solve real problems and demonstrate some of the tools we use to instantly access, navigate and start analyzing this data. 

Topics covered

You will learn about which data sources we have indexed for text mining and search, their scale and complexity, as well as challenges with specific sources that are commonly experienced by users. You will learn about the difference between using native search tools and natural language processing, as well as see enhanced search and visualization tools in action.  

Who should attend?

Teams that use and need better experiences with key data sources such as FDA Drug Labels,, MEDLINE, Patents. 


Jane Reed - Director, Life Science
Jane Reed
Director, Life Science
Hywel Evans, Director, NLP Insights Hub at IQVIA
Hywel Evans
Director, NLP Insights Hub at IQVIA

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