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Fierce AI Week: Natural Language Processing, an AI technology for COVID-19 insights


In the rapidly evolving fight against COVID-19, pharmaceutical and healthcare organizations, governments, and the broader scientific communities around the world are working to assess the impact of the virus, and quickly develop fast, accurate solutions.

To get there, researchers and teams must have access to the best, and most up to date, evidence from a broad range of data sources including scientific literature, clinical trials and other textual sources.

Linguamatics natural language processing (NLP) technology enables fast, systematic, comprehensive insight generation from unstructured text. Sources can include scientific literature, clinical trial records, preprints, internal sources, medical records, social media and news reports. Capturing the key information from these many sources, and synthesizing it into one hub, deepens understanding for our users, which will in turn accelerate insights and outcomes.

During this event, we will discuss the benefits of natural language processing for both COVID-19 insights, and touch on broader applications of this technology across pharma and healthcare.


Jane Reed
Jane Reed

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