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PHUSE EU Connect 2022

2 Lanyon Pl, Belfast , BT1 3WH, United Kingdom

Jane Reed will be attending and presenting at PHUSE EU Connect 2022 in Belfast, November 13 to November 16. 

Presentation Information: 

Title - Effective NLP API Access to unstructured text for downstream analysis and models in Pharma bench to bedside - Tuesday November 15 2:30 - 3:00 pm, Track RE: Real-world Evidence Stream Presentations - Meeting Rooms 3A
Jane Reed, PhD, Director Life Science, Linguamatics / IQVIA NLP

In pharma, from bench to bedside, there are many decision points that rely on the right data. Finding, extracting and transforming the right data to enable analysis and modelling is no easy task. Eighty percent of biomedical data are locked away in unstructured text, and accessing the right data sources, plus manually preparing data to capture features of interest, takes expertise and valuable time that could be spent unlocking insights. IQVIA NLP APIs provides instant access to healthcare-tuned NLP, answering crucial questions in pharma. In this webinar, we will discuss how NLP APIs enable you to embed NLP into your workflows to explore millions of scientific and real world documents in our cloud content store, answering critical questions bench to bedside with clean structured data.

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