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Reuter's Pharma & Patient USA


Time: 9:00am PDT, 12:00pm EDT, 4:00pm GMT, 5:00pm CET

Duration: 60 minutes


Linguamatics, an IQVIA company, are proud to be hosting this workshop in partnership with Reuters Events Pharma & Patient "Listen to the data: How natural language processing can help you learn from different voices"

We live in a world of exploding data volumes, driven by the digital revolution, where our working and private lives have all been touched if not transformed by technology. As a result, the potential of patient centricity for life sciences is becoming a reality, powered by better, more complete, and diverse data. There is a long way to go, but our ability to capture and analyse the data needed is helping us along that road.

Interactions across the provision of treatment and care to patients are informed and improved by listening to patients and healthcare professionals. From genetics and medical factors to social determinants of health, listening and learning are critical processes for patient centricity. Despite the potential, how we capture and analyse the data can be challenging. We can’t capture everything, nor can we ask long lists of questions repeatedly to get what we need. For more observational techniques, concerns around privacy, sample bias and the sheer impracticality of monitoring and capturing data continuously means we must be thoughtful about how we best answer out questions balancing cost, inconvenience and intrusion on one hand with the potential of improved treatment and care on the other

Using techniques such as natural language processing, we can take raw data such as social media, call centre feeds, interviews with clinicians and other sources and mine them for insights, looking for specific topics of interest or surfacing new trends or unexpected insights. These sources allow us t cast the net more widely in the hope of finding not only the response of the majority of patients, but also edge cases – sub populations of patients with different needs or challenges that help us develop truly patient centric care   

Join thought leaders from IQVIA for this interactive workshop to explore:

  • Three short case studies where natural language has been applied to better understand patients or to further patient centricity
  • The session will then progress to a discussion based workshop, where attendees will be invited to ask questions of each other and the session facilitators, giving the group a valuable opportunity to share their own experiences, suggest solutions or approaches for consideration and hear from their counterparts
  • By sharing and learning, we can look to bridge the gap between having the right data and hearing the voice of the patient


Hywel Evans, Director, NLP Insights Hub at IQVIA
Hywel Evans
Director, NLP Insights Hub at IQVIA

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