Webinar: Extracting summary statistics from clinical trial databases

December 9, 2015

In this webinar, Dr Eric Su, Principal Research Scientist at Eli Lilly, will talk about his work using I2E to extract summary statistics on clinical endpoints, from clinical trial databases. This is based on Eric's presentation at the Linguamatics Text Mining Summit held in October 2015.

Clinical trials are used to gather safety and efficacy data on new drugs in development, or existing drugs being tested for new indications. Although some information in clinical trial reports is well structured and searchable using keywords,aggregated efficacy and safety data lie buried in unstructured text and tables containing free text. Linguamatics I2E is an essential tool for extracting and synthesizing the high value information that is found in such unstructured text and tables from hundreds of thousands of clinical trial reports.

The webinar will be co-hosted by Jane Reed, Head of Life Science Strategy at Linguamatics.

Duration: 45min including Q&A

Extracting summary statistics from clinical trial databases

Data extraction from clinical literature is necessary for meta-analysis and helpful for designing new clinical trials. Such extraction, usually done manually, is often tedious and error-prone. We utilized I2E to develop automated ways to extract summary statistics on various endpoints from clinical trial databases. This webinar will introduce some basic queries that are designed to extract such data. Two databases, TrialTrove and ClinicalTrials.gov, and two therapeutic areas (oncology and diabetes) will be used in the examples. These queries can be deployed through “Smart Query” or Web GUI so that others, including non-I2E users, can edit query parameters and generate user-defined output in html or Excel format.

About the webinar presenters

Dr. Eric Su is a Principal Research Scientist at Eli Lilly and Company. He has research experience in molecular biology, bioinformatics, data mining and text mining. Eric mines various texts including scientific literatures, surveys, and call center scripts. He received a Ph.D. from UC Berkeley, and did post-doctoral research at DFCI/Harvard University.

Dr. Jane Reed is the head of life science strategy at Linguamatics. She is responsible for developing the strategic vision for Linguamatics’ growing product portfolio and business development in the life science domain. Jane has extensive experience in life sciences informatics. She has worked for more than 15 years in vendor companies supplying data products, data integration and analysis and consultancy to pharma and biotech - with roles at Instem, BioWisdom, Incyte, and Hexagen.