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Webinar: Introduction to text mining

This webinar is aimed at giving you an introduction to the power and flexibility of text mining to discover valuable insights from text in a wide variety of application areas.

It is aimed at those that are new to the area and want to understand the basic concepts behind the technology. It assumes no prior knowledge in this domain. The webinar will provide easy to understand examples to illustrate the techniques used and to clear up some of the jargon used by more expert users.


Jane Reed, Head of Life Science Strategy


Tuesday, Aug 25, 4pm BST, 5pm CET, 11am EDT, 8am PDT


30 minutes including Q&A


In this webinar you will learn how:

  • Text mining works even if you are completely new to the subject area.
  • Text mining differs from traditional keyword based, document retrieval approaches that many search engines use.
  • Answers to your questions can be provided quicker and with more accuracy.
  • Like many customers you can dramatically decrease the time to actionable results.

Who should attend?

This webinar provides a basic introduction to Linguamatics and I2E for those working in the following areas:

  • Informaticians, Information Professionals, Researchers, Managers
  • Pharma, Biotech and related industries

Responsibility for:

  • Therapeutic Areas
  • Target ID/Validation
  • Biomarker Discovery
  • Systems Biology
  • Safety/Tox
  • Pharmacovigilance
  • Translational Medicine
  • Competitive Intelligence

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