Webinar - Using Text Mining to Improve Patient Care

June 24, 2016

In this one-hour webinar hosted by CCC, presenters Jonathan Hartmann, Senior Clinical Informationist and Head of Data Management at Georgetown University Medical Center, and Guy Singh, Senior Manager, Product and Strategic Alliances at Linguamatics, will explore the application and impact of text mining on patient care at Georgetown University Medical Center.


Jonathan Hartmann, Senior Clinical Informationist and Head of Data Management, Georgetown University Medical Center

In this session the speakers explore a novel use case of applying text mining tools during and after patient rounds in a hospital. Jonathan Hartmann will discuss his use of text mining tools on a tablet computer to extract information to aid physicians’ decision making on their daily visits to their patients’ bedsides. Jonathan text mines information from MEDLINE and other sources to enable real time operational use during hospital rounds.
Jonathan will provide a look back over the past few years to see how the solution has evolved from its inception to how it is being used today. He’ll also walk through a series of real life case studies to illustrate how the solution has assisted physicians in their diagnosis and treatment of patients.
CCC's Chris Kenneally will facilitate the session.

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