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Webinar: A Systematic Examination of Gene-Disease Associations Through Text Mining Approaches

Webinar: A Systematic Examination of Gene-Disease Associations Through Text Mining Approaches

At Shire, I2E is used for systematic examination of gene-disease associations. In this webinar, Madhusudan Natarajan will discuss the value of text analytics for disease severity and genotype-phenotype association, focused on Hunter Syndrome.

This rare disease, also known as Mucopolysaccharidosis II, is caused by an X-linked deficiency in iduronate-2-sulfatase. Deriving systematic annotation around patient genotypes for disease specific mutations, and correlating these to efficacy scores, immunogenicity responses etc. can offer tremendous insight into patient genotype-phenotype relationships, as well as patient genotype-outcome relationships. A meta-analysis of immunogenicity responses to administered drugs, based on patient genotype, was recently presented to, and accepted by, the European Medicines Agency. Using text analytics, these relationships have been extended to patient registries including to fulfill reporting requirements to regulatory bodies.

This webinar is based on Shire's presentation at the Linguamatics Text Mining Summit held in October 2015.

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About the Webinar Presenters

Dr. Madhusudan Natarajan Director, Systems Pharmacology at Shire Pharmaceuticals

Dr. Madhusudan Natarajan leads a Computational & Experimental Systems Biology/Systems Pharmacology group at Shire Pharmaceuticals. Madhu’s initial training was in Electronics and Communication Engineering, and he went on to graduate studies in Biomedical Engineering and Neurobiology. He received his PhD from Northwestern University, IL, where he investigated sources of sympathetic rhythm generation that form the basis of mammalian cardiovascular control. After a short stint in biotech in NJ, Madhu was an Assistant Professor in the department of Pharmacology at the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center in Dallas. Madhu was recruited to the Boston area to join Pfizer’s Systems Biology group in 2007.


Dr. Jane Reed Head of Life Science Strategy at Linguamatics

Dr. Jane Reed is the head of life science strategy at Linguamatics. She is responsible for developing the strategic vision for Linguamatics’ growing product portfolio and business development in the life science domain. Jane has extensive experience in life sciences informatics. She has worked for more than 15 years in vendor companies supplying data products, data integration and analysis and consultancy to pharma and biotech - with roles at Instem, BioWisdom, Incyte, and Hexagen.

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